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This painting is called Azure. It is based on a stanza from the poem "Song of the Colours: by Taj Mahomed", from the book "India's Love Lyrics" by Laurence Hope, 1938.

Oil with silver composition leaf on Arches 300# hot press watercolour paper, 22X30.

Mine is the heavenly hue of Azure skies,
Where the white clouds lie soft as seraphs' wings,
Mine the sweet, shadowed light in innocent eyes,
Whose lovely looks light only on lovely things.

Mine the Blue Distance, delicate and clear,
Mine the Blue Glory of the morning sea,
All that the soul so longs for, finds not here,
Fond eyes deceive themselves, and find in me.
This is the top half of the painting. Overlook the bad image quality - I shot this early in the morning with no coffee. 

The hair was inspired by John Duncan. The bottom half of the painting is giving me a fit. I have changed it a half dozen times. Sometimes the painting tells you what to do, sometimes it does not.

This one will probably not be for sale once finished as I am experimenting with putting oil directly onto unprimed paper. Not the most archival thing to do, eh?

Note: This was an experiment and I have decided to stop work on it due to the migration of oil through the unprimed paper. Lesson learned: gesso is your friend. I might have a go at it again.
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